Apply for Bill Harvie international awards in Canada

Paylaşarak Destek Ver!

The University of Waterloo in Canada is offering International awards to qualified students from abroad. The award is aimed at supporting outstanding students who need financial assistance to complete their Bachelor degree program in Canada.

The international award is valued at a total $5000 awarded over 4-year academic sessions. Successful applicants would receive a thousand dollars each over the first two years of schooling and in the third and fourth academic sessions, $1,500 would be awarded to the students.

Please note that the scholarship strictly applies to payment of tuition fee at the University. This international award comes with some conditions as only applicants who take a course in mathematics may apply for this award.

Please see a summary about the University of waterloo international awards in the section below.

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Host University/ Country – The University of Waterloo in Canada

Academic level – Bachelor degree

Discipline – Coursework that include maths such as Arts, Accounting and Financial Management; Mathematics, Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy; Science, Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy

Scholarship Award – $5,000 across 8 academic terms

Nationality – International students

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this award, you expected to meet the following criteria;

  • Be an outstanding student with good leadership potential
  • Command a decent written and spoken the English language as confirmed by IELTS or TOEFL
  • Accept an offer to study a maths-related course at the University of Waterloo


Open (deadline varies with admission deadline)

How to apply

There is no special application for this scholarship. All you have to do is apply for admission and when you receive an offer, you would be considered for the international awards automatically.


Paylaşarak Destek Ver!