Birmingham City University Non-EU Students Scholarships in the UK

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The Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom would be delighted to have you enrol in one of its many undergraduate programs. The prestigious university is an academic home to thousands of students made up of local and international students who come from around the world. Are you an international student planning to begin your undergraduate studies? Would you love to school in England, the United Kingdom to be precise? Did you say yes to the above question? Then apply for the 2020/2021 academic session at the foremost UK University.

The University is aware of the challenges most students face with regards to tuition and other costs of education. In light of its awareness, the University is humbled to support students with the Academic Achievement Non-EU Students Scholarships program. The scholarship is a partially funded program designed to support non-EU students with £2,000. The scholarship would be awarded to an unspecified number of students with high academic standings with the aim that the scholars would be motivated and continue to soar high in their studies.

Full details about the Academic Achievement Non-EU Students Scholarships program are highlighted below. But before the details, let’s take a brief look at the host university.

Birmingham City University is a foremost higher institution of learning which has metamorphosed over the years. What is now regarded as Birmingham University began as a College of Art in the year 1843 and after over 100 years of existence, it transitioned into a Polytechnic in 1971 before gaining the status as a University in 1992. The institution is reputable for producing outstanding graduates who have contributed positively globally.

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Scholarship Summary

Host University/ Country – Birmingham City University

Academic level – Undergraduate degree level

Discipline – All courses offered at the undergraduate level

Scholarship Award – £2,000

Nationality – Non-EU international students

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants are expected to meet the following requirements

  • Must have completed your secondary education before the scholarship deadline
  • Must have an excellent academic record with outstanding leadership quality
  • Must be able to speak the English language fluently (IELTS/TOEFL)


The scholarship deadline varies (with admission deadline)

How to apply

Visit the official scholarship page to apply for the scholarship

Official Scholarship Link

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