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Job Description:

Workers provide apples, clean orchards, care for unlimited young fruit trees, plant trees, plant / trim and prune. Operate agricultural technology to perform related tasks.


  • Long sitting, 
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, 
  • Good lifting skills (up to 60lbs)
  • Repeated movement, 
  • Uneven long persistence and frequent slopes.

The obligations and duties of the position yet not constrained to the following:

  • Orchard tidy up, Care of youthful non-creating natural product trees, preparing of trees, capacity to securely deal with a 12-foot plantation stepping stool.
  • Specialists might be approached to help with planting/diminishing/pruning/gathering. 
  • Care must be taken consistently so as not to harm or wound natural product. 
  • Specialists must comply with all security guidelines and fundamental directions and have the option to perceive, comprehend and agree to wellbeing, pesticide cautioning/reemergence and other basic postings. 
  • Laborers will prepare, Thinning, Pruning, Stripping, and Harvesting of Apples. It additionally incorporates hand weeding, suckering, leaf stripping, group evacuation and shelter alterations in the vineyards. Tying, taping or cutting apple appendages to wires. 
  • Secures up or apple appendages. Preparing and appendage situating of apple trees. Shoot diminishing, sucker expulsion, bunch diminishing, shoot situating, supporting, or leaf evacuation. 
  • Propping and supporting the tree appendages and apples. 
  • While playing out all the accompanying obligations, laborers will be required to adjust to the particular directions gave every day by the supervisory staff, as indicated by set up organization strategies representing contrast in the treatment of various assortments and guidelines dependent available, natural product condition and operational requests.
$15.03 per hour or any equivalent piece rate that guarantees the AEWR of $15.03 per hour. If thinning is paid by piece rat, the rate will range from $0.05 to $0.50. This piece rate will be set so an average general tree fruit worker should be

able to earn at least the minimum guaranteed rate of $15.03 per hour or better than the AEWR.

Grape training by the plant Harvest:

$0.02 -$0.15 per vine


$28.00 per bin (47-inch x 47-inch x 24 ½ inch) All cultivations


$23.00 per bin (47-inch x 47-inch x 24 ½ inch) All cultivations

Honey Crisp 
Pink Lady 
$25.00 per bin (47-inch x 47-inch x 24 ½ inch) All cultivations


$25.00 per bin (47-inch x 47-inch x 24 ½ inch) All cultivations

Work Schedule: 7 am to 2:30 pm Mon-Fri, 7am – 12:30 pm Saturday


Paylaşarak Destek Ver!

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